The first vibe. For many it can be a pretty daunting and intimidating experience!

How do you choose between all the shapes, colors, brands and sizes. It can feel pretty damn confusing to navigate through. 

Most people would probably think ”well i just want the best one!”

But when it comes to pleasure ”the best” is quite a subjective term. Because what works for you might not work for your sister, best friend or WHOEVER else.


Our sexual preferences vary, as we are all stimulated in slightly different ways. Some might prefer internal stimulation, while others prefer external stimulation and some prefer both!

Besides that comes the question regarding intensity, speed and noise level.

But our differences are also what makes it SO DAMN exciting to explore!


Therefore to choose ”the best” vibrator to match your needs, we recommend that you take a little time to think about what normally ”gets you off” and start from there!


If you still feel a bit lost, we’ve put together a small collection of vibes, that are all beginner friendly and that will put you off to good start!


The iroha mini vibrator is made a silky soft silicone. The teardrop shaped body makes it fit perfectly in your hand. It only has one intensitylevel, so its pretty straight forward!

The iroha mini clitorisvibrator is a good choice if you’re a beginner and if you’re just now embarking on this new adventure! Besides that it’s extremely cute to look at AND not too pricey!

Find Iroha mini here!






KIP is an epic vibrator from Dame products that breaths new life into a classic shape!

The tip is angled which means that you can twist and turn the vibrator to fit your specific needs. 

KIP has no hard edges, therefore it's P E R F E C T for a more all-around stimulation as well. KIP has 5 different speeds and patterns, which is ideal for exploring your pleasure. 


Find Kip here!

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Oh Lelo. What a classic. This Lelo vibrator uses a special technology which makes it pretty special! In stead of using vibrations it uses sonic waves. 

It's an entire new pleasure concept! The SONA sonic massager stimulates the entire clitoris - even the parts you don't see - with eager, fluttering pulses, for a different kind of orgasm produced by the massage of sonic waves.

You won't go wrong with Lelo. You can change the speed and pattern to match your specific needs.

Find Lelo right here!






This Rin vibrator is perfect if you're a beginner, as it can be used for both internal AND external pleasure - which means its perfect for exploring!

The top is made of soft and flexible silicone, and the long shape makes it easy to hold on to!

Rin has 3 different speeds. All you need to get going is 2x AAA batteries and your off to a good start! 

Find Rin here!





If you want to go that extra mile to make the experience of self-exploration even more pleasurable, we recommend that you use one of our silky soft lubricants.

If you're in the mood, you should give this Sensuva waterbased lubricant a go! 

Find it right here!


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