wash your hands (and your toys)

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On top of this strange start to the year, we’ve all gotten pretty damn good at keeping things nice & clean!

After you’ve just climaxed with the vibrator of your dreams. The first thing on your mind probably isn’t reaching for the bucket of cleaning products. .
BUT actually that’s not a bad idea! Keeping your sex toys clean is really important both for you and your sextoys health.

As a child you did all you could to keep your toys safe and happy. Your Tamagochi was (for the most part) well fed and rested. Even though you’re toys probably don’t take up quite as much of your time anymore. You shouldn’t forget to give them a little love and care from time to time!
We recommend you do so by giving them a good, old cleaning session.
There are more than one good reason to keep your toys nice and clean.
Firstly, it will keep your toys in top shape – and thereby make sure they last that much longer.)
Secondly, sexoys have a tendency to collect bacteria if left around, which is why it’s important to keep the clean.
Even though it can be pretty nice with some ”dirty vibes” ind the bedroom, it’s just not that hot when it’s the bacteria that deliver the dirty vibes. And it’s definitely not something your want near your delicate parts!
Most sextoys come with a small guide on how to clean them. But if you happended to have lost the manual, here are some overall guidelines::

If you have toys that are not motordriven and made i the materials: silicone, stainless steal or pyrex glass, you can easily just boil them in a pot for at few minutes to sterilize them.

Even though it can be tempting to use your beautifully scented handsoap to clean your beloved toys. We have to stop you right there. The perfume in such products can cause irritation in your delicate parts, when you use the toys again. Which isn’t what we want!
Instead we recommend that you use a mild(!) soap, that doesn’t contain perfume and other stuff like that. OR you can use one of our toycleaners, which has been developed to maintain, clean and protect your toys while keeping your delicate parts nice and safe.

All at the same time - what a treat!

Try our Think Clean by Sensuva or our toycleaner from Intimate Earth.


We have a small selection of vibrators that have a special technology using air. Lelo Lelo Sona Sonic and Satsfyer pro for example.
To clean these toys in their ”hollow” part, a cotton bud and some toycleaner works P E R F E C T L Y for just that!


You should always clean your toys straight after use – you don’t want bodily fluids to dry on your toys. Besides that you should store them nice and safe. (in a small bag, pouch or something similar.) It’s also recommended that you clean your toys before use!


Lots of vibes come with a small bag for storage, which is very beneficial when it comes to preventing bacteria. It makes sure your toys don’t come in contact with other objects that can transfer bacteria, dust and so on! Have your toys been laying around, you should give it a small cleaning before use!

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