On Klub Venus we want to give you the freedom to explore yourself and your sexuality!

We believe that we, through open conversations, have the power to give each other the courage to own our sexuality and remove the taboos sorounding sexuality, masturbation and products such as sextoys.

Our mission is to make masturbation a topic for everyday conversations. And who knows, maybe one day all people with vulvas will have a vibrator laying in their windowsill.


welcome to the club!


Lots of love 

Melissa Hartelius

founder of Klub Venus


"Before i had my first vibrator, i thought that a vibrator automatically meant big, red, glittering dildos. Something I, as the first-timer i was at the time, found both extremely foreign AND intimidating. 

Besides that I found it almost even more terrifying and intimidating having to walk in to an actual, physical store to find one. Even though i was so curious!

With Klub Venus my dream is to create a safe and honest space. Where you can cum, ask questions and find the perfect vibrator for YOU and your needs."
- Melissa