• "my body carries me through life. it's nothing short of beautiful."

    read magdas full naked story here
read magdas full naked story here

"my body carries me through life. it's nothing short of beautiful."


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Klub Venus is a copenhagen based vibratorboutique, that works towards removing the taboos and prejudice around sexuality, pleasure, masturbation and products such as sextoys. 

Read more about the story behind Klub Venus right here!

"I love that it's all about enjoying yourself and your body"

"I woke up to this wonderful package from you!

The handwritten letter just made everything even better!

Thank you so much!"

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Here at Klub Venus we’ve carefully selected the best vibrators for you.

We’re all so different, when it comes to our sexual preferences, urges & needs, as we are in regards of everything else. 

We LOVE that! And therefore we’ve picked out products that does a little bit of everything!

All the sex toys on our site are 100 % phthalate-free, which means : No bullshit - just pure pleasure.


The vast majority of our products designs focuses on stimulating the clitoris. The clitoris is pretty spectacular since it’s the only organ i the human body which sole purpose is PLEASURE!

If that doesn’t call for a celebration, we don’t know what does! 

If you’re curious you can explore your own pleasure with our amazing clitoris vibrators such as Lelo, Kip or our cheeky wand!

We promise, you won’t be disappointed. 


Not a lot of people can orgasme from want many people mean when they use the term “sex” - which is traditionel heterosexual penetrative sex.

LUCKILY there are so many other ways to have sex. It all depends on who you are and what you like - and penetration is not a crucial factor.

At Klub Venus we encourage you to include your sex toys even more - try using your vibrator/sex toys with your partner(s)! It’s really something. 

Give it a go with vibrators such as Fin og Eva II!


When you make a purchase at Klub Venus or “join our club” you’re a part of breaking the taboos surrounding sexuality and masturbation. 

We hope that you wish to join our fight to remove the shame surrounding sexuality and make even more room to even more amazing human beings.

At Klub Venus we want you to realize that buying a vibrator or a sextoy is not something you should feel ashamed of - actually it’s an investment in YOURSELF. A small gesture of love. We salute that! 

Therefore we make an effort to make your package really damn good looking. It should feel like a lovely present that lands in your mailbox or in front of your door.

If your purchase is intended for someone else, we love to wrap it up even nicer (!) - just right a comment when you make your order or send us a mail on : contact@klubvenus.dk